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Cahaba Soap and Candle Company

Anything is possible (Barbie Soap)

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Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colors as you lather up with this innovative bar soap. Each use transforms your shower into a playful adventure, as the soap's captivating colors blend and swirl, turning an everyday routine into a moment of joy and creativity. The infusion of creamy goat milk ensures a gentle cleanse, leaving your skin feeling velvety soft and pampered. And that's not all – the soap boasts a truly mesmerizing scent that evokes the essence of a blooming garden, making every wash a sensory delight that lingers on your skin long after you step out of the shower. With Barbie Fun Colors Goat Milk Bar Soap, self-care becomes an imaginative and luxurious ritual that revitalizes both your body and spirit.

Indulge in the magic of Barbie Fun Colors Goat Milk Bar Soap and elevate your bathing routine to new heights. This exceptional soap bar doesn't just cleanse; it turns self-care into a canvas of vivid colors, with each swirl and stroke painting a picture of delight. Enriched with the goodness of goat milk, it nurtures your skin with essential nutrients, ensuring a gentle and soothing cleanse that leaves your skin feeling supple and refreshed. As you lather up, the air fills with the enchanting aroma, a harmonious blend of floral notes that whisk you away to a fragrant garden oasis. The soap's vibrant colors, nourishing properties, and captivating scent make it a perfect addition to your daily pampering sessions – a truly sensorial journey that awakens your senses and brings joy to your shower time.


Water, lye, olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, babassu oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, mica, fragrance oil, biodegradable glitter

Care Information

Keep on drying rack or soap dish when not in use.