Hello, I'm Janel and I own a small business with my husband. I started making soap in 2017 when I had an eczema breakout and needed a good soap with no fillers for my eczema. Many commercial products made the breakout even worse or burned in the shower. I soon started studying oil properties and the benefits of homemade soap and soon realized I was not alone with my skin issues. The company started out as soapit2me, but in 2019 I started making candles and had to change my name to Cahaba Soap and Candle Company. We live in Birmingham Alabama and the Cahaba River runs near a home hence the name of our company. Our candles are amazing, way better quality than what you would find in a grocery store and other big soap and candle companies. I soon discovered how toxic the big candle companies were, like one company actually puts formaldehyde in their candles! What?!  I knew I didn't want that in my home, and I did not want that for anybody else.
My goal is always to help people dealing with skin issues to enjoy bathing and know that they are doing something good for their skin, I love candles as many people do and I want you to feel better burning clean and safe candles in your home for you and your family