Our Mission

Our Mission

I'm Janel Stringfellow the Owner of Cahaba Soap and Candle Co. I started making soap in 2017 due to my eczema breakout. I then realized the commercial soaps and body washes I have been using are making my eczema worse. Our mission is to create soap, candles and body products the whole family can enjoy. Using the best ingredients and being honest about what we put in our products is how we create a strong brand. I truly believe you will enjoy using our products as much as we do!
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Janel met you yesterday in Pell City … Strawberry and passion fruit…I’m loving it … Great smell throughout the whole house … I’ll be back … Can’t wait to try other products.. You have a great vibe .. loved you insteadly.. <3

Terri Schindler

I love the products that I purchased during the Huntsville Women’s Expo! The wax smells fantastic and has a long-lasting smell in my office. The Cashmere body butter is the BOMB!!! I’m purchasing more since my husband tried it and liked it! It helps with keeping my skin moisturized.

Jacqueline Bell

I bought a candle from you today at the Trussville farmers market. It has a great smell .

Deborah Driskill

I purchased Janel’s soap and body butter from the farmers market over the weekend. I am pleasantly pleased! The soap is gentle and moisturizing. The body butter a little goes a long way! The scent is long lasting! I have found my new forever body care products for my family. I highly recommend trying them.

Natasha King

I’m a sommelier and I would love to partner with you to do a candle making or soap making class with a wine tasting element.

Andrea Early

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